API Docs

The API provides a REST API for the BEL Language and BEL Content.

Functionality provided:

  • BEL Namespace (Term) queries
  • BEL language parsing and validation
  • BEL Nanopub validation
  • BEL Edge creation from BEL Nanopubs

API Documentation (also found at each API endpoint at /swaggerui)

Background is a clean build of a BEL platform using Python 3.6+ and Docker to increase ease of community use and deployment. Some major enhancements are:

  • Supports multiple versions of BEL at the same time
  • Improved syntactic and semantic validation over OpenBEL API
  • Ability to manage BEL Namespaces individually
  • Elasticsearch based namespace searching and term completion
  • Python libraries designed to support BEL statement, nanopub, edge parsing