Concept Types

Entity types

Used to define BEL Entities - e.g. HGNC:EGF - based on what function it is in g(), r(), p() could be a Gene, RNA or Protein entity. Chemical compounds and any other substance that is not already described by an entity type are Abundance entity types. The canonical list of entity types are stored in each version of the BEL Specification YAML document.

  • Abundance
  • Protein
  • RNA
  • Micro_RNA
  • Gene
  • Complex
  • BiologicalProcess
  • Pathology
  • Activity
  • Variant
  • ProteinModification
  • AminoAcid
  • Location

Annotation Types

These terms are used as the preferred Annotation type in BEL Nanopubs. They provide a broad classification for terms in the various BEL Namespaces.

  • Anatomy
  • Cell
  • CellLine
  • CellStructure
  • Pathology
  • Species