All administrative tasks are managed by running make tasks using the top-level Makefile in the project folder.

Builds and Testing

We will use TravisCI for Open Source to run builds and tests.


We use OpenAPI (Swagger) for the API documentation. Due to having to host the SwaggerUI code, we keep the documentation source in bel_api/make_docs to hold both the SwaggerUI and Sphinx source. The generated documentation is created in bel_api/docs which is deployed using Github Pages.


We use to keep the python module requirements up to date. It uses the belbio user id.

Code Quality

We are using Code Climate for code quality assessments.

We are using CodeCov for code test coverage assessments.


We are using [Github Changelog Generator]( for updating the Changelog.

Contributor Licensing Agreements

All pull requests require signing the [CLA Assistant]( Contributor’s License Agreement.